Stakeholder Engagement

We regularly interact with stakeholders to strengthen relationships and understand needs and priorities. Our stakeholders include employees, customers, investors, state and federal regulators and the communities in which we operate. We engage in regular communications with each of our stakeholder groups through in-person and virtual meetings, community events, and conferences to share our strategies and plans, gather feedback and gain support to help us achieve our business objectives.

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    Regulators and Elected Officials

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    Communities and Landowners

Inclusion & Diversity

We recognize the importance of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills and foster a culture where all employees feel valued, heard and respected. We have an Inclusion and Diversity Initiative that supports this vision. This initiative evaluates and implements best practices to support our Core Value of People. The following are a few of the programs that support the initiative: manager education on identifying and preventing discriminatory behavior, recruiting efforts to solicit more diverse job applicants, evaluating performance reviews, and conducting compensation analysis to ensure there is no bias.

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Workforce Health and Safety

Safety is one of our Core Values and guides daily tasks and procedures throughout the organization. All employees are accountable and responsible for their personal safety conduct and the safety oversight of others in their work environment.

Boardwalk received the GPA Midstream First Place Safety Award for Division 1 for its 2021 safety record. The Division 1 category is for large midstream companies that have 1 million or more midstream operational workhours.

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Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety

As part of a critical infrastructure industry, our customers and communities depend on us to continue operating in a safe and reliable manner. While we strive to prevent all incidents, we are prepared to respond to emergencies if they occur. In the last year, we have successfully implemented Business Continuity Plans during various events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricanes Laura and Sally.

  • Corporate Response Plan:

    Our Corporate Response Plan provides a coordinated, planned response to incidents and events in order to minimize the danger or injury to individuals, the impact to the environment, and damage to Company assets.

  • Business Continuity Plans:

    We also have Business Continuity Plans that work in tandem with our Corporate Response Plan by providing a framework of procedures and policies so personnel can respond effectively and consistently to an incident.

  • Public Awareness Program:

    Our Public Awareness Program is intended to reach the excavators, public officials, emergency responders and persons who live and work near our pipelines.

  • Local Outreach:

    We also work with local officials and emergency responders to coordinate emergency response plans to ensure preparedness in the event of an emergency.

Community Relations

Our customers and communities depend on us to safely transport and deliver natural gas and NGLs. Through our Public Participation Plan, Public Awareness Program and Philanthropy we seek to strengthen and support the communities in which we operate.

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Attracting and Retaining a High Performing Workforce

Our people and culture are critical to our success. We create a work environment that continually evolves to maximize the employee experience by enhancing employee engagement, attracting and retaining the best people, providing a competitive compensation and benefits package, and fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity.

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    2021 Top Workplaces of Houston

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    13 Years Average Employee Tenure

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    91 New Employees Hired

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    21% of Workforce is Female

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    13% of Workforce is Minority