Reducing Emissions

We recognize that natural gas has an increasingly vital role in supporting the transition away from higher carbon-intensity energy sources and enabling the scaling of renewable energy in the U.S. We are committed to maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulatory obligations to control air emissions. We also work to reduce our GHG emissions by investing in technology, education and resources, enhancing our methane leak identification and correction program, and exploring other voluntary efforts to help manage emissions.

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2022 Key Metrics

  • 2,008,371 metric tons/CO2e

    Total Scope 1 Emissions*

  • 70,481 metric tons/CO2e

    Total Scope 2 Emissions

  • 7,041 metric tons

    Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)

  • 33 metric tons

    Sulphur Dioxide (SOx)

  • 790 metric tons

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • 181 metric tons

    Particulate Matter (PM10)

*As reported to the EPA

Pipeline Safety Management System

Our PSMS is how our operations, engineering and construction teams put our ESG goals into action. Based on the industry-created API RP 1173, this system provides recommendations on managing the safety of complex processes to prevent accidents, control risks and improve safety performance. Our PSMS consists of 10 elements. Each element has an owner tasked with various activities that reach across the organization to build on our goal of continuous improvement year over year.

  • Leadership and management commitment

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Risk management

  • Operational controls

  • Incident investigation, evaluation and lessons learned

  • Safety assurance

  • Management review & continuous improvement

  • Emergency preparedness & response

  • Competency, awareness & training

  • Documentation & recordkeeping

Environmental Commitment

Boardwalk’s commitment to being a leading energy services provider allows us to meet the growing demand for our services while protecting the environment and making progress on our sustainability strategy. With the support and approval of senior management, we conduct our business in the context of this commitment to our customers, employees and the communities where we operate. Boardwalk’s senior vice president of operations, engineering and construction oversees the implementation of initiatives to fulfill this commitment.

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