Reducing Emissions

We recognize that natural gas has an increasingly vital role in supporting the transition away from higher carbon-intensity energy sources and acting as a partner in scaling renewable energy in the U.S. We are actively working to reduce our GHG emissions by making investments in the technology and resources needed to drive down emissions and enhance our methane leak identification and correction program.

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2021 Key Metrics

  • 2,314,707 metric tons/CO2e

    Total Scope 1 Emissions*

  • 103,970 metric tons/CO2e

    Total Scope 2 Emissions

  • 6,886 metric tons

    Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)

  • 35 metric tons

    Sulphur Dioxide (SOx)

  • 808 metric tons

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • 178 metric tons

    Particulate Matter (PM10)

*As reported to the EPA

Operational Safety

System integrity requires a commitment by all operating personnel, as well as support from Boardwalk leadership, to use systematic, comprehensive and integrated processes to safely operate and maintain our pipeline system. Operations and integrity plans and procedures ensure that we train our employees to operate and maintain our systems to our highest safety standards.

Pipeline Inspections and Maintenance Programs

  • Integrity Management Program (IMP) that informs inspection activities and institutes other preventive safety measures.

  • Adherence to applicable Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations.

  • Actively invest in our pipeline systems through ongoing maintenance initiatives including equipment overhauls and general upkeep and repairs.

  • Policies, plans, and procedures which are used to minimize pipeline integrity risks.

  • Gas control employees continuously monitor the operations and pressure in all our pipelines.

Environmental Commitment

The use of natural gas can lead to a safer and healthier environment, while providing energy solutions that our customers depend upon. The use of natural gas when compared to other fossil fuels reduces various air emissions, decreases quantities of generated solid and hazardous wastes, and decreases water pollution. We are committed to protecting the environment while delivering this energy source.

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